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The Sad Reason Why Most Cougar Finder Sites Suck

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If you’ve been looking for cougar action, you’ve probably come across websites that claim to be cougar finder websites. In many cases, these websites tend to look alike. They seem to show the same type of information. They seem to show the same type of pictures. Unfortunately, when you join these websites chances are you will fail.


The sad reality is that most cougar finder sites suck for one fundamental reason. It’s because the pussy is in there. It’s not because they try really hard to advertise to get older women who are looking for young cock to join. The issue is not the supply. The issue is that a lot of guys who join that type of site simply come in with all sorts of bad expectations and assumptions.


You have to remember that you will never fail unless you allow yourself to fail. That’s the bottom line. Your #1 enemy in this world is not somebody you don’t know, it’s not somebody who is out to get you. It’s yourself. The sad reality is that most people fail to achieve the kind of success that they are able to achieve because they simply hold themselves back and unfortunately when it comes to cougar finder websites, you see all these guys who join pay all these membership fees and end up jolting off.  Not the case with by the way, this one is totally free so always interesting.


This really is tragic. This really is too bad and this really sucks because it doesn’t have to happen. You only need to believe in yourself. You have to only get a clear and realistic understanding of how the game is played so you can take your pussy getting skills and success level to a whole new other level. That’s the bottom line.

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