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Showing Their Slutty Side Live

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Panera Bread isn’t my usual lunch spot, but that might change after today. I needed to go somewhere with Wifi and a sandwich sounded like a good idea. I ordered what I wanted and then went to a table and got out my laptop. I was busy responding to an important email when my food was brought out. I muttered thank you and almost didn’t look up. I am so glad I did though. The girl working there was really cute and since I was a customer, she was also friendly. I flirted with her a little bit and I think I might have a chance. I’ll go again in a day or two.

I’m always a bit surprised to see such a good looking girl working such a mundane job. I wanted to tell her how webcam would be so much better. With her looks and bubbly personality, she could make a killing doing live chat. There would have been no way for me to tell her that without coming across as a creep though.

Cam sites are full of girls who decided to leave low wages and no-appreciation jobs behind them. By embracing their slutty side, they are making loads more money and being complimented instead of worrying about customer complaints. I’d pay good money to get Panera girl to cam with me, but for now, I’ll settle for the sandwich.

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