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It Takes Some Guts

Filed under : Webcams

The balls you must have to perform on a cam site for the entire world to see while you get gangbanged, on the regular, by three guys. secretparty_ is what they go by.

If we’re going to be absolutely honest it has little to do with guts and a lot to do with how dysfunctional you are as a human being but that topic is so fucking depressing that we’re not going to go there. In fact, I insist that we call it guts since not matter what the primary enabler might be, it still takes guts.

Cam sites have really upped their game to the next level. I don’t know how many of you might even remember how this industry took a total tumble some years ago. The majority of you are probably simply too young for that which means I’m giving my age away.

Point is it is thriving now and that at a time when people need cash, so I am all for it.

Whatever your reason, from wanting to chat with small tits models online to watching some chick getting gangbanged, it’s all catered for these days.

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