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Girls Looking for a Daddy

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Lots of the guys I know enjoy being a “Daddy”. I don’t mean a father. I mean they like being looked at as in-charge. They like to spoil girls for pleasing them and withold from girls who don’t. They look for obedient partners who will respect and submit to them, relying on them to provide and protect. The girls always seem to enjoy the arrangement. Sometimes the men are married to women who are the total opposite of the sort of princess the guys seek out for affairs.

Personally, I’m not into all that. I don’t want to be anyone’s sole provider or feeling like chicks are with me just because I buy them stuff. But I also get laid a lot less than my Daddy friends, so I can’t really criticize it.

Some guys stick to cam girls, especially if they don’t want to be caught cheating. CamBB has lots of chat girls looking for a daddy, and anyone who is familiar with cams knows that the more you spoil a girl, the more she will give to you in her shows.

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