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Free adult webcam has made online adult entertainment more honest

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If you have visited free adult webcam, you know that there are certain things at play. You notice that there are lots of ads. You also notice that a model is often working from a script or has some sort of checklist to try to get guys to whip out their credit card. You might think that this is some sort of elaborate and kind of empty game, but there’s actually a lot of strategy there.

You have to remember that for the longest time, online adult entertainment was the domain of scumbags, scammers and otherwise sleazy people. You’re lucky you’re not watching porn 10 years ago. Back then, if you whipped out your credit card to buy any kind of online porn, chances are there will be all sorts of strange charges on your credit card. This is called card banging and credit card companies have begun to become wise to this crap.

Fast forward to today, free adult webcam shows are all over the Internet. Why? Cam operators know that they can no longer ask for an upfront payment. People are just too smart for that shit. So you can credit the fast rise in the number of free cam shows all over the Internet to an increased level of user sophistication and also more transparency. As more of these shows compete for eyeballs, more and more of them are going to focus on quality and user experience instead of resorting to tricks. Pick a quality freewebcamshows site

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