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Evil Kitten Ladyboy

Filed under : Webcams

Do you find this pic as interesting and equally disturbing as I do? And I don’t mean for the obvious reasons that it’s a chick with a dick because that is no longer anything that shocks anyone these days. I rather mean the sheer variety off oddness all packaged into one and yes that includes the fact that it’s a chick with a dick.

It’s the facial expression and look that’s the disturbing part. I guess that’s supposed to be a seductive or perhaps mysterious pose, I’m not sure. It checks the dark box though as she has a little bit of a resemblance to Michael Jackson in thriller, but perhaps a little more bat than wolf but it also looks like she’s ready to bite out of sheer mischief.

I’m no expert on sex change in fact quite the contrary but would I be correct in assuming that this is probably very early in the hormone treatment purely judging by the size of the breasts?

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